Valentines Crafts

I have been looking for easy Valentine crafts that both boys and girls of all ages can do and enjoy and that look good.  I found these two on Pinterest.

We used white paper plates.  I drew a pencil heart shap into the centre of one plate, stacked 9 more underneath and then used a metal scewer to press holes around the heart shape.  I gave each child a plate, they could decide which way up they wanted to do their design, a piece of coloured wool, a plastic needle and some coloured felt tip pens and pencils.  I showed the children how to sew the first few stitches and helped them along the way as needed.


Eash child did their own thing and I didn't really tell them what to do.  Some needed more help than others but it kept them occupied for quite some time and the parents thought they were lovely.  Both boys and girls wanted to do this activity which was a result.  We did find that sewing around the outline of the heart made a big difference to the completed appearance.  Made it look more finished.

This activity is great for fine motor and early writing skills too.  We also talked about colours, patterns, in front of and behind, long and short, sharp and blunt.  Lots of new vocabulary for the little ones.  And it amazed me how each child produced a totally different finished product with more or less the same resources.

The only thing I would say is that the paper plates are quite delicate and we had a couple of breakages where needles were going through the same hole repeatedly and being pulled hard so another skill for the children to learn - being patient and gentle.

Hand Print Hearts

Another easy Valentine craft.  I prepared the hearts and typed up the wording (that I found on Pinterest but changed slightly myself) and printed it all out before the children arrived.  Each child painted one hand and printed onto one side of the heart, then painted the other hand and printed onto the other side of the heart.  Next they cut out the words and stuck them onto the bottom of an A4 sheet of paper (or card) and wrote "love from .............." or just their name at the bottom.  Once the paint on the heart was dry they used a glue stick to stick this to the top of the A4 red paper.  We put them into A4 envelopes and sealed with a note on the front saying "do not open until Valentines Day".  This activity was quick and easy for the children to do, instant gratification for them plus something for parents at home.

Skills learned

  PSED (my hands look like this, I made this)

  EAD (being creative)

  CL (listening to instructions and understanding them)

  PD (cutting and using the paint brush, sensory feeling of paint, washing hands after)

  UW (learning about Valentines Day)

  Lit (reading the words)


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