Working with Parents Policy


Communication between parents/carers and myself is very important, particularly in the beginning and I will send home a daily diary which includes information on what your child has eaten, any sleeps, toilet trips, photographs, things that your child has made, general information on what we did each day or anything else that I feel may be necessary.  You as parents/carers are welcome to use this book to make your own notes or to write notes for me. 

I am available at any mutually convenient time to discuss problems or queries.  It is important for your child to see that his or her parents/carers and myself get along and that you feel comfortable with them being in my care.

As the parent/carer you know your child best and I am very keen to work with you to help everyone settle and feel welcome.

I encourage a mutually respectful relationship between parents/carers, children and myself and create a welcoming, inclusive environment in my home. 


I keep up to date about working in partnership with parents and carers and with relevant legislation, by taking regular training and by reading relevant publications such as Who Minds?, looking at various childcare websites, by watching relevant news items etc.

All parents receive a copy of and have access to my policies and procedures folder.

1.    Contracts and records

*  I draw up and sign a written contract with parents/carers before the placement starts. The contract is signed by the parents/carers and myself and dated. I give copies to the parents/carers and any other party involved in the contractual arrangements.

*   I review the contract with parents every 12 months or when circumstances change.

*   I issue monthly invoices to parents/carers which are signed in receipt of monies by myself.

*   I endeavour to meet parents requests for the care of their children according to their values and practices, preferences and attitudes.  I keep records of these requests with the child record forms which also contain emergency contact numbers, dietary requirements/preferences, doctor’s information, vaccinations, food allergies, health requirements, and information about who has legal contact with the child and who has parental responsibility for the child. These records are revisited and updated during regular reviews with parents.

*   I draw up and ask parents/carers to sign permission forms for taking photographs and doing observations, for taking the children out, for applying sun protection cream, for playing on outdoor equipment and nappy rash cream if applicable.

2.    Communication with parents

*   I work together with parents to make sure that the care of their child is consistent.

*   I make time for discussion about a childs needs by sharing information with parents about daily routines and activities in my setting and in the childs home.

*   Ways of sharing this information can include inviting parents to add to the childrens early learning journey folders, email, telephone, face-to-face meetings, daily diary, photographs and informal day to day feedback.

*   I will discuss any changes in my or the childs home circumstances which may impact on the childs development or my ability to care for a child. 

*   I offer regular informal reviews (every 3 months) with parents to discuss their childs care, how they feel things are going and if any changes are required.  I also operate an open door policy and parents/carers are invited to speak to me at a mutually convenient time.

*   I welcome parents feedback on my service and have a “comments, compliments and complaints“ book in the kitchen for parents information and use. Please refer to my Complaints Policy on my procedures for managing negative feedback.

*   I display my Ofsted registration certificate and the Ofsted poster for parents which introduces Ofsted's childcare responsibilities and gives Ofsted contact details.

3.    Ofsted inspections

*   I will notify all parents in advance when I am to be inspected by Ofsted (usually every 3 years) so that parents can contribute their views to the inspector.

*   I will supply parents with a copy of the Ofsted report within five working days of receiving the report.

Policy Written by:    Ilana Hill          Date:      10 July 2011

Updated and reviewed:           Annually or as required


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