Safety on Outings Policy

(including lost or missing child)


Both the children and myself love going on outings.  During the mornings and during school holidays we often go to toddler groups, local parks, the library or shops, for walks along the canal, to Thorpe Park or Chessington, to Bockets Farm, The Lookout Discovery Centre and various other places of interest.  Obviously my first priority is to keep children safe on outings and I always supervise children when we go out of my home.  I undertake risk assessments for each venue or trip we go on. I teach the children about safety when we are out and about and tell them what to do if they become lost according to their age and stage of development. E.g. stay where they are, meet up at a certain place, use their mobile phone to summon help.


  1. The ratio of adults to children on any outing will never be less than 3:1 (under 5’s) and 6:1 (including over 5’s).
  2. I carry out a trial run and full risk assessment of the proposed outing.
  3. I obtain written parental permission for children to take part in regular, local outings whilst in my care and talk to parents about proposed upcoming outings.
  4. I take essential records and equipment for each child on outings as necessary, including emergency telephone numbers, first-aid kit, changes of clothes, medication, water and snacks, nappies and a mobile phone.
  5. I keep records for parental inspection of any vehicles in which children are transported, including insurance details and MOT certificates.

If a child goes missing I will: -

1.  Look for the child in the immediate vicinity whilst reassuring the other children with me.

2.   Tell the police, provide a description and search the area.

3.    If a child goes missing in a public place e.g. a library, park, shop or shopping centre I will also alert staff and/or security staff.

4.    Contact the parents to explain the situation and to put them in contact with the relevant police contact.

5.     If the child is found comfort them and check for injuries, contact the parents to let them know and give relevant details.

6.      Advise Ofsted in writing including all the relevant details of the situation and its outcome.

7.    The other children in my care will be kept with me and reassured.

8.     Document the incident in my accident/incident folder and get parents to sign sending home a copy with them.

9.     Undertake a risk assessment of the situation to prevent this from happening again.

Policy Written by:    Ilana Hill         Date:   17 January 2011

Updated and reviewed: Annually or as required             


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