Safeguarding Children Policy

Including handout on bruising in children who are not independently mobile,

The Prevent Duty and Female Genital Mutilation

Although my first responsibility and priority is towards the children in my care I also have a legal duty to protect ALL children. I have a current enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check (now known as a Disclosure and Barring Service Check or DBS) and take every precaution to make sure that the children are safe from harm whilst in my care. My daughter Zoë Hill also has a DBS and is on the update service.  I sign any visitors into my visitor’s book and check their identity where necessary.  The children are in sight and/or hearing at all times and they are never left unsupervised.

I never leave the children in the care of anyone else. I adhere to the Childcare Act 1989 section 47 and if I have any cause for concern I will report to the relevant body.

I understand that child abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, neglect or a mixture of these, and I am aware of the signs and symptoms of these.  I must notify Ofsted of any allegations of abuse that are alleged to have taken place while the child is in my care, including any allegations against me, or any members of my family, or other adults or children in my home who have had contact with minded children.  Please refer to my Toileting and Nappy Change Policy which outlines how I undertake intimate care of the children when they are with me.

From 1 July 2015 all schools, registered early years childcare providers and registered later years childcare providers are subject to a duty under section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, in the exercise of our functions, to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. This duty is known as the Prevent duty.  I have undertaken relevant training.


I keep up to date with child protection issues and relevant legislation by taking regular training courses namely, Safeguarding Children for Home-based Childcarers - updated every 3 years and EHA Early Help Assessment e-learning course. I have a copy of and follow guidance in the “Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018)” and the HM Government’s booklet “What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused - Advice for practitioners” published in March 2018 (updated February 2019).   I have downloaded a copy of Effective Family Resilience (Feb 2019).  I also read relevant publications like Who Minds?, Surrey County Council’s e-bulletin, local and national newspapers and by following appropriate news items. I am also updated automatically from the PACEY website and by Ofsted on any issues relating to home based childcare.  This policy is updated annually or whenever legislative changes occur and parents receive an updated copy by email or on paper.

I follow the procedures outlined in my confidentiality policy.  I work together with parents to make sure the care of their child is consistent - please refer to my Working with Parents policy.

I make sure I have a working land line telephone on my premises at all times and check the answer phone as soon as I return home.  I also have a fully charged working mobile phone on my person at all times, which I never use whilst driving.  Please refer to my Mobile Phone, camera and Internet Policy.

Children will only be released from my care to the parent/carer (aged 18 or over) or to someone named and authorised by them. A password might be used to confirm identity if the person collecting the child is not previously known to me.

Parents must notify me of any concerns they have about their child and any accidents, incidents or injuries affecting the child, which I record in my accident book and ask parents to sign.  This includes any existing injuries that the child arrives at my setting with.  It is a legal requirement that I report any signs of bruising found on children who are not independently mobile. Please see the separate “Bruising in children who are not independently mobile” handout attached. Unless I believe that it would put the child at risk of further harm, I will discuss concerns with a child’s parent/carer.  If a child tells me that they or another child is being abused, I will call the Surrey County Council North West - Children's Services Referral Hub on  0300 795522 for advice and for an assessment of the situation. It is not my responsibility to attempt to investigate the situation myself.  I will constantly update myself on the requirement to inform Ofsted.

Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage and Breast Ironing are physical abuse and illegal in the UK.  I will notify the police and make a referral to Surrey County Council if I am concerned that anyone may be subject to this form of abuse.  Disguised compliance involves parents/carers giving the appearance of co-operating with child welfare agencies to avoid suspicions and concerns.  In line with legislation I will keep notes of any concerns that I have and any action taken by parents/carers and if these actions are not taken I will take further steps to intervene.

With parents permission, I share information between other settings that the child may attend and pass such information to their school when they move up to provide continuity of care.

Under the Prevent Duty umbrella it is essential that I am are able to identify children who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, and know what to do when they are identified. I build pupil resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling them to challenge extremist views.  I have completed the online “Channel General Awareness module” from the College of Policing.


If an allegation is made against me, any member of my family or any other adult or child in my setting I will report it to LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) on 0300 1231650 – option 3. I will follow advice from them on the next steps to take.  I will then inform Ofsted in writing within 14 days of any allegations made, following the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board procedures. Please refer to my Complaints Policy.

Whistle Blowing

It is also my duty to make sure that other professionals are not covering up inappropriate practices which could affect the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.  If I become aware of such an incident I will immediately report it to Ofsted or seek advice from the Ofsted Whistle blowing Hotline on 0300 123 3155.

Data Protection

I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a Data Controller, registration number Z6917502. This means that I can keep confidential information (including photographs) about the children that I look after and their families on my computer.

Useful telephone numbers

Children’s Single Point of Access                      0300 470 9100 

Schools and Early Years Child Protection Consultation Line

open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday                                                      

Out of hours (emergency duty team)                   01483 517898                                                      

Local Area Contact                                               0300 123 1630

(North West Surrey – includes Addlestone)       


LADO (Allegations against adults working with children and young people)                                                                 0300 1231650

Select option 3 (

Child Death Report to CDOP Co-ordinator (                                                                                     01372 833319

Addlestone police station                        101 or 999

Ofsted (to report an allegation against member of staff or volunteer)                                                    03001 234666       

Ofsted Whistleblowing Hotline                                 03001 233155

NSPCC FGM helpline       0800 0283550  

Disclosure and Barring Service        03000 200190

Information Commissioners Office      03031 231113

PACEY Legal advice line                 0292115 6458

NSPCC                                            08088 005000

Surrey early years educational effectiveness team 


Useful websites


Tri.x (Information on parental responsibility)


Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018


Keeping children safe in Education 2018


The Prevent Duty. Departmental advice for schools and childcare providers Available to download from - DFE-00174-2015


Female Genital Mutilation – helpful booklet for practitioners, young people and families



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