Illnesses and infectious diseases policy

It is my policy to promote good health and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection within my childcare setting and take appropriate action when children become ill.  I have a current 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate which is consistent with the Statutory Framework for the EYFS approved by Surrey County Council which I renew every 3 years.  I am always present on the premises when children are present and when we are out.


I promote hand-washing in warm soapy water before eating or handling food and after using the toilet. Each child will also have access to their own face flannel which I wash after each use.

I constantly check the children for signs and symptoms of infectious diseases such as chickenpox, measles, rubella, meningitis, fevers, COVID-19, vomiting etc by watching them closely, checking their temperature, getting information on their health from their parents/carers, teachers or nursery workers and by speaking to them as appropriate.

In light of COVID-19 I will be asking parents/carers to provide regular updates on the health of their family/household in order to protect myself and others that are using my service.  I will also share updates about myself.

I will promote the use of tissues for children with coughs and minor colds. All spillages of bodily fluids will be cleaned up immediately and I will wear disposable gloves for this. I will discard the gloves after each use. I will ensure that any animals on the premises are safe to be around children and do not pose a health risk.

I will notify parents by putting up a poster and by sending a text, whatsapp or email of cases of headlice, illness or any other health issues at the setting making sure personal details are always kept confidential.

If a child arrives at my setting with a disease or illness I believe to be infectious or that poses a risk to the other children in the setting or myself I will keep this child away from the other children, contact the parents/guardians by telephone and ask them to collect the child immediately.  The child will not be able to attend my setting until they have been well for 48 hours.  This is in order to minimise the risk of the transmission of an infection to other children, myself or members of my household.

If a child becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature indicating COVID-19 I will contact the parent/carer immediately asking them to collect their child.  I will isolate the unwell child, if safe and possible, away from the other children.  Once the child has gone home I will wash my hands thoroughly as well as any area that may have been contaminated by the unwell child.

All children and their families will be able to access a COVID-19 test if they display symptoms of coronavirus.

If I display symptoms of coronavirus I will contact all parents/carers and ask them to collect their children immediately.  I will close my setting until I have been tested.  If I get a negative test result I can reopen immediately however if I get a positive test result I will close my setting for 14 days and follow guidance from the Department for Health.  If my test comes back positive any children who have been at my setting within 48 hours of my first symptoms should self isolate for 14 days.  If the child is not showing symptoms the rest of their household does not have to isolate.

If a child becomes ill whilst at my setting with what I believe to be an infectious illness or one that poses a threat to the other children in my setting I will keep the infectious child away from the other children and contact the parents or emergency contact by telephone to come and collect the child immediately.  I will expect the child not to attend my setting until they have been well for 48 hours.  Please also refer to my accident and emergency policy.

If I, or one of the members of my family, has a confirmed infectious disease, I will inform parents/carers as soon as I am able. I will inform the parents of the other children in my setting if a child I care for has a diagnosed infectious disease whilst keeping the children’s details confidential.

If I believe a child in my setting is suffering from a notifiable disease, identified as such in the Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1988, I will act on advice given by the Health Protection Agency and inform Ofsted of any action taken. A list of notifiable diseases can be found on the Health Protection Agency website

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