"Excellent outdoor provision. Ilana always replenishes this area.  P loves the climbing area and has developed many skills such as balance, climbing and hanging fun.  Ilana has a wealth of play equipment and resources and is often buying more in relation to the topic she is teaching.  Ilana rotates resources regularly which really motivates P's learning which I think is exemplary.  P benefits from the mix of at home, toddler groups and library visits.  We love the daily diary especially the photos showing how happy he is.  I really value the 1:1 chats with Ilana.  Ilana already offers an excellent provision but is always looking to extend this.  I am very pleased as P has excellent experiences and opportunities for learning and having fun.  Ilana has attended a huge number of courses since I have known her, often on a Saturday after a busy week at work and she excels in putting what she has learnt into practice immediately.  P loves being at Ilana's, he walks in with confidence and in a happy and relaxed manner so that I can go to work confident that he will be safe, well cared for both physically and emotionally and he will be having fun and developing lots of skills.  As an only child he has benefitted greatly from his interactions with the other children such as taking turns and negotiating which has also supported his transition to nursery."


"To me as a parent the health of my children and hygiene standards of the environment are extremely important and Ilana provides an outstanding services in this area.  We receive daily updates from Ilana about H which is so helpful to us because we know what he has been doing during the day (which we can then talk to him about) and what he has eaten.  The reliability of Ilana's service is 5* which is fantastic for full-time working parents.  It's impressive how Ilana keeps on top of all the paperwork etc associated with childminding as well as find the time to complete further training and professional development - 100% dedication.  Ilana provides a home from home setting in which both of our children feel very comfortable.  Whilst the children both have fun being with her she reinforces the same "rules" e.g. manners etc as we do at home which provides continuity for the children.  The children are very well cared for and loved.  For us the most important thing is that the children are happy and safe.  Ilana provides both of these.  G and H are always happy in fact so much so that H never wants to leave and always has to take a little bit of Ilana's home with him until he sees her again."


"Dearest Ilana, A has asked me to put pen to paper for him to thank you from the bottom of his heart for the year that you looked after him .... held his hand, made  him feel safe, wiped away those tears and taught him to play, laugh and look after others.  From his mum and dad we could not have got ourselves sorted in a new house, new area if it had not been for you.  A is on a long journey and you have started him so well on that road that is life.  Thank you."

"Ilana is confident in her work, she provides plenty of activities in and out of her home for J which are thoroughly enjoyed by her.  Ilana is kind, generous and very sympathetic towards all the children she cares for.  In my opinion Ilana will carry on giving a very high standard of childminding in the future."

"I find Ilana's ethos and work ethic concerning the upbringing and minding of my children wonderful I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Her dedication and kindness towards all her charges, and constructive play and awareness I believe have moulded my two children into very positive and giving human beings at such a young age. I put this down to Ilana's attention to detail where children are concerned both with their behaviour and dietary needs. I think Ilana is a true 'natural' with the children."

Super Childminder!

My children have been extremely happy at Ilana's for their after school childcare. Ilana provides a home from home environment where they can relax & have fun.  Ilana cooks lovely homemade meals & my children enjoy helping to choose the menu for the week. They also look forward to the healthy snacks in the snack bar after school.

The children have a good balance of child initiated play & an opportunity to do adult led activities for example sewing, cooking, card making. Ilana is very flexible & accommodating & I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reliable, dedicated childminder.

Top Class Childcare

My little boy has been going to Ilana's now for 3 years and he absolutely loves her to bits. I often turn up to collect him and he's had such fun, he doesn't want to come home!

Ilana has a fantastic relationship with my little boy to the point where she is 'his 'second Mum' and I am reassured when I go to work that he is safe, well fed, happy and having fun when he is in her care. It is evident that she truly loves her job which is reflected in the way she is with the children.

Ilana's great at taking the children out whether it be to the local park or farm, to the paddling pool, library or the pick your own for strawberry picking. Sometimes when she tells me of her plans for the children, I want to go out with her myself !

It's not all play, she teaches the children as well but in a fun way that they probably don't even realise that they are learning. They grow plants & vegetables each year, make arts & crafts as well as play, but every child is included and Ilana explains everything to the children in a way that they will understand and learn at the same time. She always includes the views and opinions of the children in making decisions within the house (or garden) that ultimately may affect them too.

I have always found Ilana very down to earth, flexible, fun loving and approachable and would not hesitate in recommending her to anybody wishing to find a childminder for their children.

Providing loving, safe, professional, and appropriate developmental care for your children


This term we will be looking at:



sea creatures

the deep dark sea

on top of the sea

rock pools

the Queens Jubilee


Cold sea

Warm sea

Sea mammals


The coral reef

4th July



and our topic for this term is:

The Sea

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